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About Honista

It is easy to use and has a friendly user interface. And its a professionally developed application with special features specially designed for you to get the best experience of users as well as allowing you to view account photo or clip download videos. No more applications needed to perform simple tasks like loading images and other things then we can view with it.  We know the rest of you and that’s why we have provided Honista APK with an amazing experience for all along with unique and special unmatched features. A new application with exclusive features with an amazing user experience.

Why do you use Honista?

When you read lines about the Honista application, you will wonder why you haven’t downloaded this insta application yet. Despite all the applications, it surpasses all others in terms of development applications.

Honista Apk is a business developed application with many features specially designed for users to get a great user experience such as viewing account photos and downloading video clips.

It is an official version and available in it with compatibility for all phones.We continuously update the features of  Honista Apk application making it more suitable for all users.We also listen to your suggestions from social network side and social media accounts like telegram from your account on how to update Honista apk we also take care of that so surf them till start. The number of Honista Apk is increasing rapidly. Honista users reached more than 5 million.

Honista Apk

How do I update my Honista?

We keep updating the Honista apk to make it better for User we want to make everyone’s experience better and we are working more to make the app better for all Social media users who want to download images, videos and stories from instagram.so we make sure that It’s important to download the latest version through our download page or if you already have the application installed, check in Updates.

Please follow these steps for update Honista Apk :


  • Let’s open the app and then go to the settings through the top of the user interface.
  • Go to settings, Click on the “About Honita” Option.
  • You will see the option “Check for a new update” then click on it.
  • Wait for some time until you will get a message about your Honista apk update or not.
Security and Privacy in Honista Apk

We always respect your established trust, so we take your data very seriously for usage and we don’t tolerate this issue because many Honista Apk use this application in large numbers. Users who have always loved our Service and downloaded it. We can not bear if the user data leaked on social media applications.

It really impacts our service so we don’t want our users disappointed with this Honista Apk. We have added the features of security in the latest update for our Honista Apk users. This feature is that conversation encryption provides as much as possible protection in our data and conservation for our users.

The latest update of Honista Apk , We are adding many features of privacy and protection by keeping a mind strong for our users.

Privacy on Honista is not over yet, We have more work going on the application right now. Because we want to make sure our users are more secure in data privacy.

There are some important privacy features we have added in the latest version.

  • You can change the application icon like other applications, for example clock and notes.
  • You can show and hide the chat icon in the toolbar.
  • You can Show or hide notifications from hidden conversations.
  • You can Set a lock for conversations with a pin code or fingerprint.
  • You can Control to show or hide hidden conversations when unlocking the conversations list.
  • You can Set a lock for the application as a whole using a password or fingerprint.
  • You can Automatically lock the application after a targeted period of time.
  • Also you can Show or hide the app lock icon in the toolbar.
Unlimited Customization in Honista Apk

We have added many tools and features in the Honista Apk Version 5.0 application that we can customise and here we are talking about everything to customise the app interface colours and apps. You can change anything in these features according to your desire.. You can also change the fonts in it and use different ones so that you have a relationship with the font or any other font that you want. You can customise the emoji you want for each iOS system. You can change all these features without any application.

Customization and modification options include in Honista Apk:

  • You can Enable Enable or disable night mode or dark mode
  • You can change themes in the entire app with 50 different colours.
  • You can Add a custom background to all conversations at once.
  • You can Choose between more than 10 styles of conversation emoji.
  • You can Add new fonts that can be used on the application interface as a whole.
  • Control the fonts used in the stories and customise them completely.

Honista Apk

How to download Honista Apk

Download Honista 2023 is not available in android phone because it’s considered a hacked application. For download the latest version oClick on the download button and you will see a warning when trying to download the Honista application.

  1. Then skip the word.
  2. Click on the complete process of downloading the Honista Apk.
  3. After completion, download open the application on your phone.
  4. The application installation will appear for you on your phone.
  5. Click on the install word.
  6. Then download will start.
How to install Honista apk
  1. First of all Go to the Honista download page through this link honista.com.
  2. Click on the Download Apk button and download will start directly.
  3. Wait for the download of the file to complete and make sure that the file size matches the size mentioned on the download page.
  4. Go to your phone’s file manager and go to  the downloaded application file named Honista.apk.
  5. Click on the application file named Honista.apk one time to start the installation process.
  6. In the Android system follow the sequence installation instructions.


If you are still unable to install or download an Honista  application no need to worry about it. You can go to the homepage FAQ?

Honista FAQ?

Does the Honista application work with the official application?

Yes, Honista works without any issues if it is installed while the official version of Instagram is available.

Will the Honista application be banned using Instagram?

No, with adding features no user banned.

Is the Honista application available for iPhones users?

No at this time not available but we are working on it in the IOS system model.