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Honista Apk Download v8.0 2024 Latest Version

Are you prepared for some thrilling headlines? You may now download Honista’s most recent version! Yes, you heard correctly. Simply click the link to download to start the fun. It’s time to update and explore Honista like never before—no more sitting behind! 🚀

What are the reasons for using Honista?

Have you ever questioned why you haven’t joined the Honista revolution yet? Okay, allow me to reveal the truth. With its excellent programming grade and smartphone compatibility, the official version is a game-changer. Honista surpasses its competitors with its incredibly powerful tools and functionality. The icing on the cake is that we continuously release updates to improve it. So, why do you hesitate? Explore Honista’s universe and see the difference for yourself! 🌼 Ready to download the most recent version? Take it on!

Our staff keeps a close eye on social media sites, such as Telegram, to get ideas and comments from our expanding user base. Our platform continually gets updated and improved, and we give serious consideration to every opinion, which has helped us gain recognition quickly. With more than 5 million customers at this time, we’re dedicated to giving every one of our clients the greatest experience achievable.

Honista’s Technical Data Revealed

Version 8.0
Updated on Nov 15, 2023
Size 80.7MB
OP System Android 4.4+
App Name Honista APK
Last updated 1 day ago
Genre  Instagram
Downloads 8 388 607

Honista Remains Consistently Up-to-Date

We’re always improving Honista with new features and a better interface. To get the latest version, download it from our page. If you have it installed, just follow these steps to check for updates.

Protecting Your Personal Information: A Commitment to Trust in Honista

  • Modify the appearance of the app icon to resemble that of a different app, like the clock or notes.
  • Toggle the visibility of the concealed chats icon on the toolbar.
  • Toggle the display of notifications from undisclosed conversations.
  • Secure conversations with a pin code or fingerprint lock.
  • Manage the visibility of hidden conversations upon unlocking the conversation list.
  • Secure the entire application with a password or fingerprint lock.
  • Enable automatic locking of the application after a designated time interval.
  • Toggle the visibility of the app lock icon on the toolbar.

Honista offers complete privacy through Ghost mode

Want uninterrupted use of Honista? Enjoy exclusive features for free and private usage not found in other apps. Introducing ghost mode, a unique feature concealing your presence completely. Key functions of the ghost feature include:

  • Display stories while avoiding the indication of having viewed them.
  • You can read messages in conversations without indicating to the other person that you have viewed them.
  • Participate in the live stream without your identity being visible in the viewer list, and the viewer count remains unaffected as well.

Design Your Dream: Endless Options for Personalization

Honista v8.0 offers a unique set of enhanced tools and features that allow complete customization of the application. This includes the ability to customize interface colors, change fonts, and use different fonts such as iOS or any other preferred font. Additionally, Honista allows customization of emojis to resemble iOS emojis, eliminating the need for additional applications.

Various choices for customization and modification are available.

  • You can manually turn on or off night mode or dark mode.
  • The Theme alters the entire app to over 50 various colors.
  • Apply a personalized background to all conversations simultaneously.
  • Select from over 10 conversation emoji styles.
  • Integrate new fonts that can be utilized throughout the application interface.
  • Manage the fonts used in stories and fully customize them.

Top-notch professional equipment

Honista provides all-in-one tools to simplify tasks and boost efficiency. Look for the magic wand icon in posts (photos, videos, or stories) to access these tools. Let’s delve into some key content tools on Honista.

  • Saving all the multimedia content, such as videos or images, in a single action.
  • “Access videos on your mobile device using the player app”
  • Get the post cover by downloading it. The cover will be visible when you share the post on social media platforms.
  • Publish the complete post containing all the particulars on your personal profile.
  • Duplicate the text that accompanies the post.
  • Take a look at the image from the profile that shared the message and you also have the choice to save that image.
  • See all the information in the complete post.

Filters for managing and regulating content and advertisements

To tailor Honista to each individual user’s needs, we considered the specific preferences and requirements of our application’s users. As a result, we enhanced and expanded the filters feature, allowing users to personalize the content they see within Honista. This feature includes two primary categories of filters, which are:

Optimize Your Experience: Ad-Free and Tailored Recommendations

You can modify the look of ads and advertisers using the choices in this group.

  • Eliminate advertisements that are sponsored.
  • Get rid of recommended posts.
  • Remove suggested pages.
  • Enable anti-advertisements and advertisers.
  • Present a roster of pages where the anti-advertisement feature is activated.

“Post Filters”

You have the ability to control which content is displayed to you through the various choices in this group.

  • Eliminate posts with video content.
  • Eliminate posts with image content.
  • Eliminate posts from private accounts.
  • Eliminate posts from public accounts.
  • Eliminate liked posts.
  • Eliminate previously viewed posts.

Manage Online Usage in Honista

You can now stop being concerned about using up your internet plan, even with the high internet usage on Honista caused by the excellent content like photos, videos, and stories available on the app. This is no longer an issue because we have introduced ways to decrease data usage through a few easy options, listed as follows.

  • Upload pictures with the minimum available quality.
  • Retrieve the video in the lowest available quality.
  • Remove any posts that contain videos.

You Can Download Media by Utilizing Honista latest Version

Honista offers a convenient solution for downloading media like photos and videos directly from the application, eliminating the need for third-party apps. The new features enable you to effortlessly download these media files within the Honista app itself. You have multiple options to download pictures, videos, and stories, including two particularly simple methods.

“Download media files directly”

This feature enables you to directly download videos, photos, and stories with just a single tap on the download icon, typically located at the top of each post. Once you tap the icon, the download process will begin immediately.

Personalized media downloads

Selecting and personalizing your downloads from Honista is a breeze! Simply click the magic wand icon, and then pick and choose from the various options available, which cover a wide range of possibilities. This allows you to tailor your downloads to your specific needs and preferences.

Honista offers unique, one-of-a-kind features

In Honista, we empower users by offering a tailored experience. To achieve this, we’ve dedicated a section in the settings for you to personalize your toolkit. By default, all features are enabled, but you can effortlessly turn them off if needed. The customization options include:

  • Settings for downloading.
  • Unique capabilities of the “enchanted stick”.
  • Eliminate advertisements and recommendations.
  • Sort publications and app content.
  • Minimize internet usage.
  • Distinctive attributes of Story.
  • Distinctive attributes of Reels.
  • Profile functionalities.
  • Distinctive attributes for conversations.
  • Toolbar configurations.

Secure Your Files with Honista’s Backup Options

Backing up and restoring your preferences and settings in Honista is a simple task. This can be done by utilizing the backup and restore function, which enables you to save all your settings and preferences into a file. This file can then be used to restore your preferences and settings on the same device or any other device. To create a backup, please follow the subsequent steps.

  • To create a backup of your settings, first tap the Settings icon in the toolbar.
  • Then, select Backup Settings from the menu. Next, click on Create Backup and confirm the action by clicking OK.
  • Your device will then show you where to save the backup file.
  • Once the backup is saved, you can easily share your settings with friends or restore them on a different phone.

Honista offers enhanced customization options for advanced users

Experienced users have full access to customize every part of Honista. Exercise caution when tweaking settings without proper knowledge to avoid impairing functionality. If issues arise, uninstall and reinstall the app to restore default settings.

What are the Latest Updates?

  • Upgrade Base to version 303.
  • Insert Instagram icon into the Icons List.
  • Develop a Bug Fix Page featuring tools for resetting all Instagram configurations, exporting server configurations, and replacing configurations.
  • Resolve issues.
  • Introduce new options to the Instagram Secret Options menu.

Get Honista 2024 by Downloading Latest Version v8.0

You won’t find the Honista latest update 2024 on the Google Play store for Android because it’s categorized as a modified app. However, you can still get it by using the download option at the bottom of this page. Ignore any warning messages during the download process. Once downloaded, open the app on your phone. Tap “install” on the installation page to complete the download.

Installing Honista: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Access the Honista download page by using this provided link (honista.info).
  • Select the “Download APK” button to initiate the download process immediately.
  • Once the download is finished, verify that the file’s size corresponds to the size stated on the download page to ensure a successful download.
  • Access your phone’s file manager and find the Honista apk file, which is the downloaded application.
  • Tap the Honista apk file to initiate the download and installation procedure.
  • Observe the step-by-step installation guidelines displayed in order by the Android system.

Are you still facing difficulties with downloading or installing the Honista app? Don’t worry, there are options for assistance available such as the Honista installation issues page or the FAQ section.


Is the Honista application compatible with the official application?

Honista functions seamlessly when it is installed alongside the official version of Instagram, without any problems.

Will the Honista application be banned using Instagram?

Typically, the answer is negative. Nevertheless, if the user excessively employs the functions offered by Honista, they may face the possibility of being banned.

Can I find the Honista app on iPhones?

We’re excited to announce that we’re working on a version of Honista tailored for iOS devices, which we plan to release in the near future. While there hasn’t been an official launch yet, we’re eager to bring this innovative technology to iOS users as soon as possible. Stay tuned for updates and get ready to experience the power of Honista on your Apple device!

Steps to access the Honista app and log in

“Learn How to Use Honista: A Step-by-Step Guide”

Upon launching the Honista 2023 app on your mobile device for the first time, a notification pops up, known as a privacy policy message. By tapping the “Accept And Continue” button, you indicate your consent and proceed with using the application.

Afterward, you’ll see a variety of languages offered by the app. Choose your preferred language for using the app. Then, proceed to the login page, where you can securely sign in to your Instagram account by clicking the “Log In” button with ease.

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